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You Know The Rules: Business Before Pleasure

New York City Hall
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A lot of people forget to follow the key rules in life, today one of the rules is “Business Before Pleasure“.  How this rule applies to this post goes as follows.  As much I would love to blog my heart out, go to Manhattan and sight see and tour about the place (I live in New York City), watch hours and hours of movies and tv shows on Netflix on my Nintendo Wii or even play such fun and exciting video games like Uncharted 2, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Fifa 2011, Wwe Smackdown vs Raw 2011, and Call of Duty Black Ops, I got bills to pay today.  Two of my bills are due today and the more time I leave in paying it leaves me at risk of paying late and getting hit with a late payment charge which is a no no in my book, and should be in everyone else’s book.  So me knowing the rules especially Business Before Pleasure, I shall head over to my bill website and make my prompt payment to their company, so we all can be happy.  They getting paid makes them happy, and I know they got paid I am happy, as well as them not obtaining extra funds from me for something careless as a late payment. Thanks to me being responsible and the same people who I am paying are the same ones that allow me to receive such fun games in which I will play after all businesses are cleared up.  Now that is awesome.

Remember everyone, Pay your bills on time.

Thanks for reading

PS: Stay tuned to my blog here on wordpress and follow me on twitter in 2011 for my series “MONEY MONDAY” “#MM” in which I give out free tips about business, finances, budgeting and so much more.  I hope you follow along.

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