Crazy girls scare me

I have developed a couple of techniques when it comes to dealing with females, surely some I can’t mention here in this post.  But beyond that fact, there are crazy females out there.  I have heard so many stories of damages caused by female in which makes me shake in my boots.  But luckily thus far I have used some very helpful master techniques men should follow and master to not be caught out there with a crazy chick.  Here are three of my simple but awesomely effective master ninja techniques:


1. Leave her alone: If a female happens to tell you some crazy stuff they have done in the past, men please don’t be curious (as that is a female trait) and try to save her thinking she has or will change, that’s just asking for trouble, leave her alone homie.


2. Post a Facebook test: When you want to fish out a crazy chick, post something crazy out of the norm to identify who the crazy chick might be that you are talking to or might possibly talk to.  If she responds within a day or even immediately trust me when I tell you, she is crazy!!!.  If she responds fast enough, she has been hawking your wall and statuses, or have a friend that does that for her, and have informed her on the craziness that’s on your wall, so make sure the post is juicy enough but tasteful enough to say it was just a random post you was dared to post, which is a lie,but c’mon everyone has to lie someday. [you have been warned]

adorable but-cute-crazy-girl-pink-hair-green-cubby girl
adorable but-cute-crazy-girl-pink-hair-green-cubby girl

3.  Must have a reliable alibi: Believe me when I tell you, if you lie to a crazy girl, she will find you and destroy you.  So you better bundle up with a handful of reliable alibis, because the home boy or brother you think will backup you up with tear you down to the ground.  So you must, and I mean must have something believable like, lets see what some goodies of lies I can advice you to use…Anything with your mom needing help in the kitchen (food takes a while to prepare), or I got to go in to work tonight (we all can use some extra money and if someone says call out of work, and lose money, you already know that person is crazy).
Disclaimer: Please do not quote me on my bag of goodies.

crazy kitty cat puss puss
crazy kitty cat puss puss

Remember men, well ladies also because both can follow these same techniques, you MUST master these techniques though, to be a master ninja as myself.

crazy girl britney
crazy girl britney

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4 thoughts on “Crazy girls scare me

  1. Interesting, I like the title it’s funny.
    Here’s a quote I’ve read recently, SO true.. “A girl can be your best friend, girlfriend, worst enemy, or the best thing that ever happen to you. It just depends on how you treat her.”


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