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#SuperMoon is Aliens Attacking by pumping it with Steroids

The Moon as seen by an observer from Earth. So...
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I had just seen on twitter that super moon was a trending topic.  Apparently in New York we are seeing a HUGE moon and its called a super moon.  I wonder if it has muscles and does a certainly amount of push ups or curls.  Also I wonder how much it might bench press, I need some tips to be SUPER RICHARDO.  Well I need to know it’s secret.  I think aliens had stick the moon with some steroids, and have it all juiced up for us humans to go awww about.

What do you think about SUPER MOON?

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Trending Topic, Super Moon, Twitter

Actual Info on the Super Moon:

The moon will be its closest point to the Earth, and will be considered to look LARGER to us.

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