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Subscriber Interview with “The Wandering Mind” by RawMultimedia

subscriber interviewHello Friends and Fellow Creative Blog Community…welcome to a new series titled “Subscriber Interview“.

Subscriber Interview is a series on my blog where I, Richardo the writer/host of the blog talks and interviews his subscribers each week and find out a little more about them and what they do. It’s designed to keep the blogging community alive and also show others who is out there in the blog universe.

Without no further ado, here we go.

Today I have the pleasure to interview Stephen in which is a loyal subscriber of mines and also a fellow blogger who blogs about poetry, life and more and has a blog at aka “The Wandering Mind“. I hope you get to check him out. Well let’s find out a bit about Stephen shall we. Enjoy! 🙂

What is your name and what do you enjoy doing for fun?
My name is Stephen Quammie, my friends call me “Quammie” or “GQ”.
My idea of fun starts with writing, singing, dancing & ends off with reading, watching movies & making women laugh. I’m pretty easy-going & open.

Where are you from (city, state, country) and Nationality?
I’m from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Yes, I’m a Canadian born black guy. My mother is Jamaican & my old man is from St. Vincent & my grandparents live in the U.K.

If a blogger and own a blog what is your blog about and what do you enjoy about blogging?
My blog started out as a place for me to post my writing back in 2006. Over time my interests & skills broadened & so did my blog. The Wandering Mind is literally an extension of what is going through my mind; music, love, women, writing, art, funny random shit (can I say that?), and just about anything that influences my way of thinking.

Writing is my first love & reading is my second, so I really enjoy when a blogger lets me inside their world. I’ve spent many nights chatting with bloggers about the post I just read and then veering off into random hilarity. I like peeking behind the curtain and getting to know the person behind the words or images that I’ve connected to.

What would someone enjoy about your blog or about you?
Well I don’t have a “ghost writer” for one thing, my past provides me with plenty of ghosts & writing material, while my everyday life keeps things unexpected & interesting. I don’t claim to know everything, I can be deep & insightful or a witty smart-ass. I write the way I speak & I speak the way I feel.

My blog always leaves you with something: a quote, a poem & a little something for your troubles.

What do you do mostly on the internet?
Before my online A.D.D. kicks in, I’m researching products, psychology, artwork & anything that can better my life.

Why did you become a subscriber to Richardo’s blog?
Ricardo is a forward-thinking guy that’s always on the move, something about the energy & humor that his blog projects just kept reeling me back in, so I subscribed myself to his lifestyle of blogging creativity.

Is there a favorite post or something you enjoy the most about Richardo’s blog?
One of the first posts that caught my attention on Richardo’s blog was “She Knows She Is Sexy”. He described attraction in a way that not only made sense to me, but also made me think.

My favorite post would have to be “A Secret About Me: I Gave A Lap Dance”. I couldn’t stop laughing because I am guilty of doing the same thing and the fact that he gave a lap dance to “Touch” by Omarion (one of my favorite songs to dance to) made this post resonate with me even more.

Name one or a few of your Guilty Pleasures?
I am addicted to podcasts & music. I have to listen to a podcast or music each & every day! I love baking, my friends call me “Bradley Crocker” in the kitchen.

What were some of your favorite childhood activities?
I was this close to saying video games, but I was a pretty rambunctious kid, I was always doing cartwheels & flips. I was always trying to climb & jump over things so I could be like Spider-Man (can you say “parkour”?). I climbed my townhouse & each of my schools. I stopped that habit after High School; apparently security guards don’t like it when people climb property that is under their protection. When I wasn’t flipping like a Power Ranger or scaling walls like a webhead, I was swimming or drawing.

If you had $10 in your pocket, what would you spend it on?
I would either spend it on a movie (like I intend to do tonight) or a picture frame, so I could put a few photos or some of my own artwork up on my walls.

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?
Will Smith, yes the Fresh Prince himself. I know he’s not royalty or a “life changing” religious figure, but for most of my adolescent life I looked up to him. I read his biography, watched his films & played his music because he gave me something to aim for. He is positive, focused & funny and I needed that growing up.

What inspires you to write or read blogs?
Writing blogs stems from whatever catches my attention at the time. A thought, a glimpse, a word or a smell just triggers something in me. I usually sing or hum while I’m writing. I read blogs that educate me or fill me in on topics of interest. When I first set my eyes on someone’s blog, I read the “About” page, and if I feel like I would be interested in having an actual conversation with you, I read your blog. Once I find something to connect to, I’m yours.

What’s your favorite type of music or you listen to frequently?
My tastes in music has been described as being quite eclectic. I bounce between instrumental, dubstep, R&B, hip hop, rock & musicals. As long as it catches my attention, I’ll listen.

What’s one or a few of your favorite movies and why?
I know I’m gonna miss a few movies, but these are a few movies that I’ve watched countless times.

· The Maltese Falcon (Classic Humprey Bogart Film Noir)

· Grave of the Fireflies (A heartbreaking animated war movie about two orphaned kids, it made me cry)

· Face Off (John Woo, Nicolas Cage & John Travolta, nuff said)

· Cellular (A film about a regular guy caught up in a messed up situation. His only connection to the other characters starts off with a phone call)

· Robin Williams Live On Broadway (This performance still seems relevant & fresh no matter how many times I’ve watched it)

· The Nines (A well-acted film that asks the question, “What if God was one of us?”)

· Crazy Stupid Love (I enjoyed the way such life changing actions shaped each interaction by the end of the movie)

I want to thank Stephen for taking part in this week’s interview, and if you enjoy their responses and getting to know this person, please take some time out and check out there blog and content. Be sure to stay tuned to next time to Subscriber Interview with Rawmultimedia, you could be next.  If you haven’t and just tuning into this blog, please consider Subscribing & Following, and enjoy creative content and series from the eyes and mind of Richardo. 🙂

Stephen Quammie 
The Wandering Mind:

PS: I Choose a person by random each and every week. To be able to be considered to be apart of the “Subscriber Interview” simply subscribe to the blog and become a reader, you will definitely enjoy your time here.

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6 thoughts on “Subscriber Interview with “The Wandering Mind” by RawMultimedia

  1. Reblogged this on The Wandering Mind and commented:
    Here is a subscriber interview Ricardo from RawMultimedia did with me last month! I’ve been following this blog for quite some time & have gotten to know Ricardo. Somehow in all of my excitement (and semi-drunken stupor) I forgot to post this on my OWN blog. Make sure to stop by RawMultimedia where something is always going down & NOTHING is off topic. Thanks again, Ricardo.


  2. Tsk tsk tsk Stephen. 😉 Glad you finally posted this. Was nice to get yet another “peek” into your world.
    Richardo, great blog you have here! Informative, entertaining and fun. I’m definitely following!


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