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I don’t feel like writing, but hence I am writing anyways.  I enjoy to see the words from my thoughts come to life on a page or computer screen.  It’s really not for the pleasure of others reading my works but more of the fact that I am able to do so myself, makes me feel good.  So when I write it must be something interesting, worth wild, not really just writing to write or grab attention.  It’s such a mystery at times where my passion for writing has come from.  In my everyday life, I keep my thoughts to myself, I am observer, so when actually act my thoughts out, they have went through a series of processes just for me to let them out.  Thoughts of whats the right words I want to say, who do I want to hear such words, in what way or form should I say such words, and will it be with a smile or a straight face.  Writing is therapy, visual stimulation, fun, time-consuming at times via I can’t stop writing.  So to end it all off why I write;

I write to be free.
I write to make my imaginary thoughts visible.
I write to read.
I write for me.

Question: Why do you write?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

13 thoughts on “WHY I WRITE

    1. Writing has always been a release and escape. Release pain, anger and any other emotion. Escape all those emotions. I know where both you and Petitemagique are coming from.


  1. I write to share, to smile, to think out loud, to get “likes” , to occasionally get a nomination for WordPress award , to interact, to amuse, to confuse, to tease, to giggle, to find a reason to be, to love, to be loved, to respect, to please..any reason that is not harmful I find to write and read.


    1. ehhh you made that flow like a spoken word piece…lol. no offense with the “ehhh” part its to be silly. Wow. You are quite the person to paint all these pictures. I dig it. I can see what you are saying on all of those. We writing for LIKES. lol yea.


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