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How Do I Explain or Transcribe My Creativity & Intuition on A Resume?

Richardo Got Questions…If you got the answers, be sure to share.

(I am simply asking thought-provoking questions that I know others may have as well…)

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So this where I get super personal about my life and thoughts.  I am updating my resume currently but I am having a problem writing or explaining my creativity and how well I can manage and adapt well in a multitude of roles.   Roles I am seeking are within Multimedia & Technology, and the Creative & Communication space generally.  I know that type of explanation is mostly showcase at an interview or on cover letter, but I am doer and shower when it comes to showcasing my skills and abilities, so maybe I will figure out sooner or later, but for now, I got a question to ask…

I guess my real question is how can I showcase myself in a creative way that’s appealing and in a niche way?  As while as having a traditional resume with which most job opportunity require that shows almost the same thing that won’t get tossed in the garbage or skipped over.   #Hmmm

The reason I am posting this series of questions, is simply because I just don’t know the answer or is seeking some expert advise.  When you are trying to change your life around sometimes the best thing to do it ask a question aloud.  So this is me asking questions out loud and see where it gets me.  But even if I don’t find the answer I will go back to what I use to do that works effectively, which is Barnes & Noble,,,, Forums, and or seeking a professional using currency and cross my fingers that this person is very knowledgable in their field and have more than the basic to offer me.  Of course if that’s the case with the professional I rather rely on my elite researching skills.  The best part of me getting great answers is that I can help others on my blog or in real life by giving them full answers and references to tackle their daily lives and one less thing to worry about.

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