Life In 2016

Life In 2016

you can do it

Welcome to My Life in 2016… Let’s start here and see where we end up… 🙂
Live Life Unscripted… This page is dedicated to just living life and logging my experiences…

JANUARY – 2016

Jan. 1st – A new year, not much of a celebration.  But definitely another year to do cool stuff.

Jan. 4th – I broke my “record of views made in one day” with 4,482 views, leaving the previous record made on August 26, 2015 in the dust…

Jan. 4th – Started my NEW SERIES titled #Quotes – every Monday on my blog.

Jan. 17th – I have officially executive produced (2) music project in which are globally released on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, Spotify.

Nemesis by Jixi Fox
The Burna Effect by Jixi Fox

Jan. 19th – Finished: Season 2 of “Sirens” on Netflix.  Rating: 9.5/10 Great writing and conversations and better than Season 1.  Great show.

Jan. 21st – Broke a NEW RECORD: 5,462 views in a day… Beating my previous record set on Jan 4th, 2015 at 4,482 views.

Jan. 22nd – I just reached over 2,000 subscribers on my website/blog.

Jan. 22nd – I just reached over 700,000 views on my blog. YAY!

Jan. 23rd – There was a Blizzard in New York City, Codename: Jonas.

Sept. 24th – Went to the IMSTA FESTA Music Conference on 18th Street… Won a software, Fab Filter.

Sept. 30th – Started watching “Luke Cage” on NetFlix.  (pretty awesome looking show.)
Sept. 30th – Upgraded iPhone 5c, iPhone 6s & Ipad Mini to NEW iOS – iOS 10 (sexy look)

Oct. 2nd – Upgraded my MacBook Pro to the NEW OS – MacOs Sierra
(It’s quite a beauty..)






Oct. 6th-9th – Comic Con (nYc)

Oct. 14th – One of my BEST FRIEND’s WEDDING

Oct. 20th-Oct. 22th – Photo Expo at the Jacob Javitz Center

Oct. 31th – Halloween



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