Life in 2017

Life In 2017

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 9 - Larry David

Welcome to My Life in 2017… Let’s start here and see where we end up… 🙂
Live Life Unscripted… This page is dedicated to just living life and logging my experiences…

To start off… I started this page super late, I suck.  Today’s date is 9/17/17… So much I dreamt of this day and felt it had a higher meaning, and behold it certainly does. Life in 2017 is born…. If you want to follow the series… Life in 2016 <—–


April 2017
Welcome to the life where my voice matters and I can influence change…

May 2017

June 2017
Got my 1st parking ticket…Oh man, that was a sucky day.  My unbeaten record never getting a ticket was interrupted on this day.  Geez…No more bragging rights for me. 😦

July 2017
Robbed, ummm burglarized on my birthday…The day I became a victim and had to talk to the police… Geez, on the birthday though?  Harsh.

August 2017
My first time having to go to jury duty.  Oh man, I was curious also dreading the day I had to go, but to me, who doesn’t like a paid day away from work?  Geez… Thank you so much.  I got a few great naps in waiting for my name to be called.

Sept. 17, 2017
I realized today, there are crazy women in the world and they really do warn you they are crazy, but yet again, men tend to ignore the signs.  I decided to fully wake up entirely, today.  I was already 99% convinced, but today, I am 100%.  Of yea, this is not meant to be against women, but I totally already know men are absolutely without a doubt 100% crazy.

Today I also booked two clients, based off my number one pitch, “If you have any questions in the world, just call me…, I gotcha!” I really do say this to clients and potential clients…In this world you never know.




Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 9 - Larry David

Upcoming Events… Oh My Gosh, am I really ready for these????

Grey’s Anatomy – 14th Season – Sept 28th 2017
The Walking Dead – 8th Season – Oct 22nd 2017
Curb My Enthusiasm – Oct 1st 2017

Uncharted Lost –
Fifa 2017 – PS4 –

Imsta Festa Music Conference 2017 –
Comic Con 2017 –
WordPress WordCamp 2017 –
Photo Plus Conference 2017 –

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