Life in 2018

Life In 2018


Welcome to My Life in 2018… Let’s start here and see where we end up… 🙂
Live Life Unscripted… This page is dedicated to just living life and logging my experiences…

The past – Life in 2016 | Life in 2017


January 2018

Jan. 1 – A guy let me skip him in the line today… I had 2 items, and he had millions… lol  He was a good dude.  I told him I appreciated him.  #HappyMomentinLife
-Went to the gym and have a lovely workout with a nice 10 mins in the Sauna.
-Went grocery shopping…I did well.  I am happy for my prep food for the week.
-Stood on the scale today… OMG 211 lbs… GEEZ.  I am sucking right now.  It’s time to change.. Let’s Go.  Follow me on Fitbit 🙂
-Client and I 7pm-9pm spent 2 hours surfing the net, and drinks drinks drinks… #Hmmm Love my work.

Jan. 4 – Cleaned up the house from 8am to 6pm.  Wow that must be a record and the best part of the day was purging old things and prepping goodies to go to Good Will and a few Non Profit Organizations.   There is another beautiful thing as well…I got to hook back up my Dreamcast & Gamecube, the fun and smiles are back to life.  I am so excited to relive my childhood and teenage years with lots of fun video games.

Jan. 6 – Got called on the phone from a Time Share person in Florida, who I told I was driving and can I call them back, whom I am assuming wanted me to die, via they didn’t want me to get off the phone and wanted me to search for a credit card for a 3 days 4 nights, random hotel room, ummm while I am driving…

Jan. 11
My earliest day getting out of work… New record: 8:30-4pm.  Go me!
Found an great article that focuses on my 2018 goals


Upcoming Events… Oh My Gosh, am I really ready for these????


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