So the matter is how? When? Where? and What? I do know the why, and that’s simply because I want to and can. But the serious dig is, am I ready, or I am just talking a good game? The verdict is still out on that, but I want and need to. So should I truly give it my focus and build a system to get it done?

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When you are up you are up, so don’t stoop low. Lift up and stretch your legs and grow. Today I trained a new associate, fun times. I definitely had that in my skill set, I am an expert team builder and trainer to new employees. I never thought I would take a liking to building a team from nothing to something. But now it’s like a super talent I own.

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This Is Life, So Live It

Image by Dominik W. Neuffer via Flickr

Life is present, not future.  We can plan from tomorrow, but tomorrow may not come.  But we can still live life and appreciate all our blessings and achievements.  When you wake up in the morning, say to yourself “This is Life“, when you get a promotion at work you deserved say to yourself “This is Life“.  We all have something to live for and it may take a while to realize it, but that’s our goal in life to find out what is our mission.  So through all our struggles and wins, (#winning) we must know that “This is Life“.  You can make life what you want it, but you have to follow a route that leads there and not try doing something that can affect this goal.

I just wanted to take the time to tell everyone that Life is Now, and what we go through no matter good or bad, that “This Is Life” so live it.

What do you live for in life?  Are you going through rough patches or smooth sailing?

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