So the matter is how? When? Where? and What? I do know the why, and that’s simply because I want to and can. But the serious dig is, am I ready, or I am just talking a good game? The verdict is still out on that, but I want and need to. So should I truly give it my focus and build a system to get it done?

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Photo by Lina Kraftsoff

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In the world of multimedia and tech, I have been a busy bee.  Let’s rephrase that, I have been super active in my passions and talent.  It’s been a little while since I wrote a full post on my life and experiences, in which is coming back into play, so I keep my (day in the life 2016 page) is updated with all recent accomplishments and so on.

As of October, I am working on a short for a December 2016 release.  I am pretty such it shall be interesting for pleasant viewing.  It don’t have a full write-up ready for release as yet, but it’s surely on the way.

Upon executive producing projects, I am working on the release of Jixi Fox‘s new album release “Nemesis 2” in which I am super excited for him.  He is shaping up to be quite an entertainer in New York City.  Here is the look of his album cover for the release below…


I might be out of the woods and starting to shoot music visuals for the project as well.  It’s just an exciting time for creativity.  I just want to keep up the good work and also help other start their journey in the world of this dreams and aspiration.

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Richardo A. Wilson