It’s Hard To Watch, Election Day

It’s a hard watch to find out what’s next. It’s 2020 Election Day, and the efforts are uncertain. I can say this year was my first time voting. In order to vote, you must register to vote. I believe registering is the key to the election, if not then, how does one vote and everyone yelling at each other on social media to go vote. I voted early, November 1st, on a rainy day in New York City.

I am just awaiting the results to see what’s next in the world, and who may be our president for the next 4 years. As I have stated, it’s so hard to watch.

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Today, June 8th is a special love to me. It’s a day that symbolize hard work and focus. Today I achieve a credit score goal. It was like interesting story how it happened.

I needed 12 points to reach to exceptional, and I got exactly that. I couldn’t believe it. The actions of the day it self added to the bonus of the amazing feeling.

I woke up, cleaned the house, organized some items. I knew today I wanted ride my bike and satisfy three clients I had for the day. First thing first, I had a delayed project I needed to finish for a client and there was no way I was going to go outside and not complete. Upon completing the graphic work task for my client, I receive a new task from another client. I knew today was going to be special once clients projects start stacking up.

Bam, I knocked out both client’s tasks by 8am, and already showered and got ready make this bike riding moves. Went for a beautiful ride around my community and felt so fulfilled I called my next client and let them know I am on the way. My client was like super happy to hear from me, as she been a client for over 7 years, which is crazy to me to say. She is a lovely older lady that needed some computer troubles fixed. I helped her out and I was on my way.

6am to 10am

Completed Graphic work for YouTube Channel Banner and Photoshop Templating for my music client. [Completed]

Website editing and content management for another music client. [Completed]

Went outside to exercise and bike ride( push ups, handstands, jumping jacks, crunches…). [Completed]

Help client with computer issues & sound issue. [Completed]

Worked out and watch balloons hit the sky… so lovely. [Completed]

10am to 2pm

More working out and riding bike and thoughts on how to record videos again. [Completed]

Ate breakfast. (Ackee & Salt fish with Plantains) [Completed]

2pm to 6pm

Got home and took a nap, that turned in a rest. [Completed]

Woke up to credit score update, Experian. OMG. MAJOR LIFE GOAL. [Completed]

Got so excited I went back to exercise, and a run. [Completed]

Ate a late lunch… Salad [Completed]

6pm to 10pm

Still outside working out, at the park. (25lb weight curls, overhead presses, squats…) [Completed]

Home sweet home, and made a $250 investment into a soon to be announced project. (arriving thursday) [Completed]

Clean, Showered, Clean, Reflection of Day. [Completed]

10pm to 12am

Writing my blog post about my day to be published. [Completed]

My Day June 8th…. Wow.

I am working out these new design of writing template which will be in the form of vlogs on my youtube channel soon enough. ­čÖé

I believe in #Action
I believe in #Purpose
I believe in #Results
I believe in #Accomplishment
I believe in #Moments in Life & #Memories

If I can say how much Life Points & Experience Points I made today… Hmmmm

LP: 50

EXP: 85

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As I sit waiting,
For something,
To approach me,
And interact,
I think to myself,
What time,
Will be my time.

In these times, we just wonder, what’s next? Can I have a time to shine that’s not taken away. And we sit and we wait, just not knowing.

Photo by Erik Mclean 

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